About This Website

Howdy and welcome to the latest incarnation of concrescence.com. Yes, this is the same site, owned by the same person for some 20 years now, plus change.

old concrescence logo
concrescence logo

Any visitors prior to April 13, 2018 would have seen a site entitled Didgeridoo and Drum. It’s been a long time since I updated and time finally caught up me. I built the entire site from programming methods that have since become deprecated (i.e. – no longer considered good programming standards or superseded by newer methods) . Actually, my old M.O. for building and managing websites has long become deprecated. No more. I have evolved and it’s time to take the site with me. It’s a bad case of the shoemaker’s children being barefoot or in this case, the webmaster’s website being inaccessible by today’s technology.

I’m an introvert by nature. Most of my presence on the internet has been rather low key and I’ve made a conscious effort to keep my name off of this site so it was more about the content and not about me.¬†Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

Letting the cat out of the bag
Time to let the cat out of the bag

I am henceforth taking ownership of this site. But more about me later.

You may (or may not) be wondering where the didgeridoo and drum tutorials went? Like the site itself the tutorials were created in a deprecated technology: the evil flash. I loved flash. I am a cartoonist by nature and it was a fun interactive way to do websites. I’m not sure just yet as I am not sure if there is still the interest but I may convert them to a more palatable form of Javascript-based animation or ??

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the site. I will do my best provide fresh content.

John Judish