The Great Experiment

Here we are two months after the initial lockdown for this pandemic. Due to the absence of leadership in America we still don’t have a plan. Due to the absence of American leadership the world is without a plan. Some countries have done quite well in containing this virus and are well on the way to normal. New Zealand stands out as a shining example of how a country with a good and compassionate leader can pull together and contain this virus. America is the worst example of how a country with an idiot leader with no empathy can let this virus get out of control.

This did not have to happen. We had months to prepare and did next to nothing. By we, of course, I mean the US. We are still reacting to this crisis rather than setting a course of action. And now in the rush to put this in the rearview window the idiot is charging forward and stifling any and all resistance. The spineless Congress is paving the way.

So now the great experiment begins. Here in America large swaths of the country are pronouncing the pandemic over and opening for business with large crowds of unprotected sheep flocking to their favorite bars, beaches, churches, and boardwalks. We have no idea what will happen.

Medical experts have warned us of the dangers of reopening too soon. They have shown us how deadly this virus is. 90,000 Americans have died already and this is under strict lockdown. At the same time disbelievers and conspiracists have been steadily poisoning the discussion with their talks of hoax and false reporting of the actual death toll of this virus.

It’s a scary new day.